• Search engine submission of your website pages
  • We advise and guide you about Site Content and assist with writing by experienced web design people
  • 28 day turnaround
  • Search engine submission
Who should take this package?

Any website owner. Perfect for (SMB) small to medium business.

Here are some ways we as internet marketing consultants can help your business:

  1. Website optimization. This involves making sure your business website is optimized to attract your target audience. It can involve writing new copy for the main page or adding content to additional pages. The consultant will make use of keywords people use most often to search for websites in your line of business.
  2. Off-page optimization. The consultant will use various means to get one-way inbound links to your website. An inbound link is one that points to your website from another website. Inbound links help bring in more traffic and increase your website’s search engine rank.
  3. Create feeder websites. A consultant may decide to build smaller websites that pull visitors to your main business website. This can be accomplished by creating a one-page website using Squidoo or a blog using WordPress. The purpose of these websites is to give you an extra online presence without building an entire website.