The reason I have set up this page is that some businesses want their staff to have individual emails on the work website. So as to protect the privacy of the staff member and not ask the staff member to send their passwords through the website owner or ‘The Boss’ I have created this page.

All you need to do is fill in all the boxes click the ‘give me my email access’ button and it will send the information to me. Don’t forget to go to your nominated email and confirm the email that is automatically sent to you, if you don’t then I will not get your information. I will then manually set it up and send you the information to the email address that you nominate.

This will not be accessed by any other person. Privacy is important to our business and if you feel that someone has accessed your email address on the ‘Work’ site, then come back to this page and send me an email and I will change your password to something that you nominate.

Tim Apps
The Web Design People