DIY Full Website Design with all

necessary tools to build it $400 p.a.


DIY with Website Training & Support

  • Simple administration 
  • Average person takes 80-120 hrs to build 
  • All products in packages 3,4,5,6 included 
  • Full shopping cart available as an extra 
  • Full video training given 
  • Website name and hosting included 
  • Auto responder included 
  • Free marketing forum 
  • Search engine submission 

Who should take this package?

Perfect for someone wanting to start an online-only shopping business. Ideal for those who currently have a small home business and wish to take the next step to sell online. This is a very rewarding program and you will learn how to make a professional website that pulls in customers. You are in total control of this site. Takes the average person with no computer experience 80-120 hrs to build like following the instructions (like dots). All tools provided to build no additional expense with 24/7 support desk.

A basic site will take you about 80-120 hrs to build as you watch the video training how to do it. As I stated above this is the cheapest one but you have to set it up.  Full training and manuals, tools etc are included. DIY-training-supportDIY with Website Training & Support If you want one of our friendly staff to help with this type of site after you purchase the site, we will assist you and cut down the number of hours needed to set it up. Our set up fee and 10 hours tutition and a further 10 hours email and phone assistance with setting up for $2,200 including GST. If you need further time then we charge $110/hr including GST. To date all clients who use this service have the hang of the use of all the tools in the 10 hours tutorials. « Back to Prices